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Plant it. Share it. Watch it Grow!

Discover OurHistree Mobile

All your moments. In a moment.

If you're into photo and video sharing now, wait until you Make Histree!

Making Histree. All your moments. In a moment.

A Histree is a combination of photos, video, audio and text that plays a story.

Just upload video, audio, photos, then add a little text if you want, and OurHistree does the rest. Your Histree springs to life in moments!

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Sharing Histree. Histrees go wherever you go.

Post Histrees on your Facebook profile or send them to specific Facebook Friends or Groups. Tweet them. Embed them. Histrees tell your story across your world wide web.

And Histrees play inside Facebook. So your Wall, News Feed and Group Wall comes alive with multimedia content.

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Mobile Histree. Make Histree on the go.

OurHistree For Android.

Snap photos or videos and add them to your Histrees from your phone. With OurHistree for Android you build the stories of your life, business, family, school, you name it, anytime you choose.

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SuperHistree. A Collection of Histrees and a Highlight Reel all in one!

If you're like us, soon you'll have many Histrees about the things you love. Add those Histrees to a SuperHistree to build a stunning collection around any subject you like.

And OurHistree automatically creates a Highlight Reel to show it off!

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